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 According to the Paris Union´s Convention , there is one year to apply for an European Patent by claiming the date of the filing of a Patent or Utility Model elsewhere in this Convention.

 Moreover, under the new rules concerning the European Patent, currently it is not necessary to claim the countries when formalizing the application and, consequently, in a first phase it will only be needed the appliment for the Registration and the Search Report, by paying the required fees.

 In a second phase, once the Search Report, and Publication of the application in the European Patent Bulletin, (no later than 18 months from the application), there is a period of six months in which the countries claimed will have to be designated, and paid the required fees correspondent to the designated countries, while requesting examination of patentability.

 This circumstance allows, after examining the Search Report, reducing the number of designated countries, depending on what has been detected in that report.

 Then, depending on the outcome of the review will be the European Patent granted or not if it has novelty, inventive step and industrial application and the award will be published in the European Patent Bulletin opening a term of 3 months to carry out the validation in the designated countries.

 The validation is to convert this European Patent in different national patents, for which is necessary the translation into the language of the countries, formalization of the requirements and payment of the fees prescribed in each of them and, as of this moment, make payment of annuities in each to maintain it in force.


Patents have a non-renewable term of 20 years counted from the date of filing the Application for Registration in the European Patent Office (EPO), keeping it in force by paying the corresponding annuities in the Office of the country concerned. The expiration date of each annuity will be the last month of the anniversary of the date of filing.

Our “Deadline and Surveillance Department” is responsible for notifying the renovations and monitor your records, and if necessary our Legal Department will present opposition to any request for a Patent similar to yours.


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