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Means any sign that distinguishes or serves to distinguish in the market products or services of a natural or legal person, of goods or services identical or similar to others.

-Requirements for Registration:

CORPORATIONS: Company name, address, town, CIF, Representative's name, position and number of NIF, contact details, and Power-Authorization form duly signed.

INDIVIDUAL: Name, address, number of population and NIF, contact details, and Power-Authorization form duly signed.

Rights// Obligations

---Right to exclude others from using a Trade-Mark or logo without your consent, for the same or similar products or services for which the mark is registered.

---Ability to prevent the granting of equal or similar Trade-Marks.

---Obligation to pay the Registration Fee for 10 years.

---Need to renew the Trade-Mark for 10 years.

---Obligation to use the Trade-Mark in some countries.

Your protection is available at national, international and community level.


A National Trademark is the one whose protection is obtained in Spain, and is obtained by registering it in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and Trademark Office (SPTO//OEPM).


10 years renewable indefinitely, at will, by successive periods of equal duration.

Our “Deadline and Surveillance Department” is responsible for notifying the renovations and monitor your records, and if necessary our Legal Department will present opposition to any request for a Trademark similar to yours.


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