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Intellectual Property

It will be considered as Author, a person who creates a literary, artistic or scientific work.

The creator of the work can prohibit or authorize the reproduction, public performance, recording, broadcast by any means, translation or adaptation. The author is in possession of two rights: the moral rights of the work and the economic rights or economic exploitation of the work.

Moral rights are inalienable. The author may at any time require recognition as an author, and also can decide if the work can disclose, modify, etc ...

Economic rights can be transferred and are those that serve the economic exploitation of the work: translations, stage adaptations, public exhibitions, format changes, etc..

The new creation areas are also protected by copyright, so computer programs (software), Internet sites or Webs etc. are likely to be registered. The author can be an individual, a group of authors, and even a natural person working for a Company. Depending on the type and format of author of the work, the documentation required to access the registry will be different.


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